I Hate Myself

I feel unwanted around my sister. She has called me things then denied it. She has called me "heart less" or has said "how do you live with yourself?" She won't let me leave the room when we are in a argument. Then she wants me to leave her alone, but I can't do that, she make me wanna kill myself. She has told me that I wasn't meant to be here today and that I shouldn't have been born. I can't even try to ingore her if get to angry and I need my space, I can't leave the room either. I don't wanna live with a sister who wants me to suffer. I just can't. Whenever I feel trapped in all her demands and orders, I feel like I wanna slit my wrists. She says I'm the reason why she hates life and I make her life misrable and horrid. I haven't been so supportive of her lately and I may have said some things that hurt her feeling like when I over exaggerate and I mock her actions. When I listen to music, it makes me feel better but not entirely. She says she bosses me around because she doesn't want me to do anything too dangerous but I feel she wants my life to end. I really hope I won't have to listen to her orders anymore. I just needed to vent.... I feel so depressed and sad right now. I am sorry, you don't have to comment, I know you probally didn't wanna her my drama. Sorry you had to read but I can't vent to anyone else. Bye
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

you should get your parents involved in this problem , tell them about her bad behavior with you , and do not listen to her crap .
she probably just want you to lose your self esteem .
try to ignore her , she can not hurt you if you do not care about what she say to you .