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I am lonely. I'm looking for and online lesbian relationship here on EP. Interested, please, please let me know.
HELLSBABY HELLSBABY 31-35, F 19 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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I'm here for you!

R u resl!

By your comment I assume you are asking do I wrestle? No, I'm retired.

Spread them!

Why? Whatca gonna do if I don't?

Yuk. I want a real woman or man.

AND? I'm as real a woman as they get baby.

Me! I'm interested!


I'm not a woman but im a cd and wish I was. You are so pretty and seem interesting. I would love for you to add me and check out my pics and stories.

how u doin'?

so would I

You would

with you yes

That would really be nice girl

i think so as well sweetie

So are you really serious girl. I mean about wanting to be my gf?


feel free to message me

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Well, I can't hlep you with that but I hope that you find what you are looking for, best of luck although someone as cute as you are does not need luck, just exposure.

Please add me, thanks.

I would love that... xx


Have you found a friend yet? You didn't seem all that

Sorry to hear you are lonely i would think a woman as pretty as you would have many people wanting to keep you company.
Sorry i can't help i seem to be the wrong sex.

I have always considered myself a lesbian in a mans body. Does that count?

Depends are you transgender?

No I am all male. It's my tongue that likes to make sure a women is pleased and that's what gets me off.

Im intrested

How interested ?


I want you so bad

Then by all means, lets talk babe


Why do you want me. I'm not that special?

Why because ur body is amaizing you seem nice and u have the most beautiful eyes in the world

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You are so attractive, there are plenty of people that would want to be with you, just give them a chance. Best of luck

Can u teach me?

I can if your willing!

If you'd like I can be your mistress
Also I think I may have accodently flagged you if I did I sorry

Really your will to be my mistress?

Yes :)

Don't worry girl you'll find it
Heck if I was singal I'd ****** you up so fast

Thank you wish you were single

*smiles* You're lovely.