Im Becoming A Stranger To Friends, Family, And Myself

now a days when im at home, i sit in bed and wait for my parents to go to sleep so i can be alone downstairs. when im out with friends im silent and dont contribute much to 20 years old, never dated, never been in love and i dont see any situation in the near or even distant future which involves me finding a girlfriend
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Hey there, Just wanna say your not alone. I've experienced a lot of the same. My only advice: strive for happiness. Work for it! That's what I've been doing... <br />
Hope this helps!!

antisocial tendencies are hard to overcome, but often they don't need to be.... seek social interactions on your terms, if your griends go places you don't like then they may not be the type of friends you need.

I know how you feel but don't lose hope. Find something you love to do! Stay strong! :)

i am unable to do most of my hobbies because alot of things have been wrongfully taken from me

The y have been taken away from me too but you can't let it get you! You just can't. It means you're giving up! Do you? Want to give up?

of course not but i feel so helpless and that there is nothing that i can do anymore within my power to change it. i cant do my favorite things anymore that let me relax, relieve stress and generally enjoy life.

How about you talk to people here. It might help you. Some of them are really nice.

You have every single bit of power to change your situations don't let your mind or depression stop you.

What Lushiro said.

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You should read my story, might help you a lot.

i understand my friends and family still love me emotionally, but i need to experience physical love. i can be told a million times by someone that they love me or like me as a friend, but actions speak louder than words. i want to physically be around my parents and friends but at this moment in my life it is extremely hard to do so. sometimes all i want is a familiar face to look at to make myself feel somewhat at ease

Just take a step and ask for a hug :)

i wish it were that easy, they are part of the reason why im feeling the way i am. hence the avoiding and such

Don't avoid them, tell them how you feel thats why they are there for you.

thats the problem they know, ive told them but they decided that their beliefs trump the impact they have on my well-being ans overall happiness

That is sickening who does that? Do you have anyone else you can trust? If not talk to one of us or even me or Rainandwind99 :) EP is a great place for support :D Helped me out many times

my mother has never been overprotective but now at age 20 she decides that my "safety" is more important than having a job, education or happiness. i just dont get it

Wow o_0 talk about high security lol. I guess she doesn't want you harmed out there, its a dangerous world after all. o.o

i make one mistake so she treats me like an incompetent child. how am i suppose to learn from my mistakes when she assumes that now im doomed in the real world and that i have to 'prove myself' to her. ***** iv been proving myself to you for the past 20 years. whether the mistake i made was big or small, her suddenly loosing every ounce of trust in me ****** me off

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