Love For You

Life is so much pain,so much empty,so much unclear only the memories are clear which are painful.Why i became the victim of bad memories?Why?Why only bad people came to me with their fake love and cheated me,i don't know.I believe that God will protect me all through my life.Then why did God let those bad people came to mylife and hurt me. "Excuse me, lovely sweety, pls look at me for once,I am here with you,ain't i? just remember me once and i will be by your side every-time.I Love You and i am not saying it like those cheaters used to say, i am saying it from here,from my heart and i shall never ever withdraw what i 've just said" said Ronan.I know sweet heart, Love you too,i do ,i do and i do...
Ronan is my imaginary Love whom i have been imagining for 10 years,I searched for him in reality bt got hurt many times.Now i believe that Ronan exists only in My imagination and will never ever try to find him in reality.
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Learning to distinguish between 'fake love' and real love is always painful - It's the way we grow and mature. People who have 'been through it' are usually much more interesting and have greater depth than those who have a charmed life always protected or protecting themselves from life's challenges. God has never promised to protect us from anything especially bad people but "...we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." He does promise to never leave us or forsake us.

Uhmm...You know what they say, that "when God put you to it, He will help you get through it"...and it's true...God will never let us experience things that we couldn't handle... and God also gave us freewill, so sometimes we experience failures because of our choices...

And love...aren't we all afraid of getting hurt? There are just relationships that no matter what we do, it's not really meant to work...but it's a risk...if we want to experience real and true love, we have to take risk, we have to be ready with all the pain, tears, fears, that comes with it...coz life isn't perfect... it's not all happy ever after....but we have to try, we have to take a leap....

Just hang in there,,,I'm sure the person meant for you will come...and it will be epic.. =)

ooo,thanks dear.I just love ur first sentence "when God put you to it, He will help you get through it"

You can't project what you want in a lover on the actual person. If they can't or won't change to meet your needs, you have to either accept them as they are or move on. You'll find someone who won't hurt you. Not everyone is bad that way.

hmm,Actually its hard to except that a person who loved u very much at the beginning can later behave badly because he won't love u anymore.Love is not a play or fun.Now i am afraid to love anyone cause there's not guaranty that he will not do the same after a while.