I Cant Trust Anyone That Easily Becoz Of Experiences

in my college i have met lots of hardships particularly from the people whom i trusted.during my 3rd semester i underwent a surgery and when i returned back i found people with changed experiences.before the 3rd semester there was 1 girl who was actually good and kind of innocent.the thing is after i returned back she was full of arrogancy,selfishness,use and throw.i know the reason behind it as its becoz of another selfish posessive girl ***** who is just bloody interfering and polluting thingsans she was such a childish immature girl.anyway iam not a person who just fall at someones feet that too for people who r ignoring others.the thing is i like to make good friends who r actually approchable and helpful and it doesnt matter that i have to be close with one.but after seeing this immatur girl i badly wanted to have a close friend.but everyone was ignoring me,making fun of me except one girl who i thought to be nice .but i understood her use and throw nature and i have assisted her in many issues but she didnt bother to include my name.i cant forgive myself for not retaliating at those cows

i sometimes wonder y god is keeping me aamidst these selfish morons.evn here i dont know how many good friends i will get.
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Feb 4, 2013