I feel like jumping off this bridge that is very close to my house. All that is below it is rocks. I am so sick of trying so ******* hard at everything I do, and failing, miserably. I am tried of never having a single happy moment in this ****** life of mine. I can’t see a way out anymore.
alaskagrayson alaskagrayson
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 5, 2013

Please hang in there. There really is a way out. Does talking help?

ill catch you when you fall...ill be right there waiting for you..

Stay's hard but you shouldn't give up...I've almost given up before, not worth it. As ****** as I feel most times,it still isn't worth it. If you need to talk to someone ,you can message me, I'm literally so ****** depressed I try helping other depressed people all day on this site. Even at work, kind of helps me get my mind off things