Loneliness Of My Own

How is it possible for one to feel so lonely? To feel so lonely as if you are the only one on the planet. And as if a single spoken word would echo throughout the earth. Billions of people occupy the world, and the technology we have created upon ourselves, makes loneliness all too impossible.

So tell me why..why is it that I feel so empty. So far and detached from a human's heart. So relived of happiness and hope for myself.

I feel as if I am in one of those apocalypse movies where I look out my window only to see a desolate terrain. And having that sinking feeling in my heart that every one I ever loved, Is gone. And I will forever have to live in my own shadow of dysphoria and mourning of what life I could've had, and what happiness so easily slipped away from me.

I hope to one day find my savior. Watch them come and break through my darkness that has held me back for so long. To pull me out, and resurrect me. Give me a life again, and show me that there still is a heart out there for me. To give me the love I always wanted, and to bring mine to life again.
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I am feeling really lonely myself, now I actually feel like I want to be lonely, the people I meet is not interesting anymore, sure I can go and ¨make friends¨ but what is the point. I did found a girl to save me from all that, she actually founded me and then she fell apart, I was dumb, I am to blame. So what now?

all we can do is just try to find something that brings us happiness. and once we find that, everything else will fall into place when we least expect it

<p>Speaking generally, I think loneliness stems from our desire to be loved, wanted, and for someone to care about us. Its caused by our self centered nature. Selfishness turns our focus inward, and if we don't have what we want or feel that we deserve, we feel lonely. The cure for loneliness is to turn your focus outward and be selfless. Spend your time making sure those around you are loved, cared about, and wanted. Then you will be spending true, meaningful time with others and you won't be lonely.</p>

beautiful. I agree with you absolutely. Merry Chrismas.

It really is quite strange, the amount of people who are so lonely in this world, often good pure souls, who nevertheless find themselves feeling this way. It seems in all cases we feel this way because of things that were done to us, most typically by our own families, and secondly by our 'friends' growing up and in high school. It really is quite telling that so many become so jaded with socialization entirely.

Someone said that technology does not connect us, that is disconects us.. I only partially agree with that. There is the common phenomenon of people staring down at their cell phones and ignoring the people right in front of them, and some will just get lost and live in video games at the expense of spending time with people at all, etc.. But technology also provides some positives, namely the communication enabled by the internet. Sure, you could say that some peoples connections through the net are not meaningful.. But on the whole the internet has dramatically and astonishingly enabled people to connect and reach out to one another in a way that was impossible before.

I think people were even more lonely in the past, they just hid it from others and themselves. There were less genuine people in the past is what I mean, so even those with relationships felt lonely. They just couldn't mention it to anyone, because they didn't have any genuine relationships with people who would actually listen and empathize. I think things are getting better in at least that aspect, to try and see some light through all the gloom.

I think the amount of people who are feeling so lonely and alienated, and yes I'm among them, principally only feel that way because of a sort of sickness in society. Its just that the networks of relationships that constitute society are dysfunctional and unhealthy. It was like this in the past, though there was less consciousness of it, and it only has seemed to get more prominet because more people are aware and admitting of it. None of us would be able to even have this conversation in the past. So I think the matter is getting better simply due to an increase in the amount of people who are now conscious and hoenst about the issue.

Sorry, didn't mean to go off on an abstract tanget on your more personal expression.

To more directly respond to something you said.. About feeling you are in an apocalypse scenario..You are not the only one. Have you noticed the ever increasing prevelancy of doomsday fears, a fascination in the media about the end of the world, the dramatic increase of interest in zombie fiction? People are so enamored with zombies because its a metaphor that describes their relationships or lack thereof with other people. I just read one article that calls the zombie apocalypse, the 'metaphor of the decade'.

I'd posit you only feel like this because you are ahead of the curb, apart of a minority who are wishing for a big leap in the quality of our relationships, and simply cannot stand for the status quo in crappy/shallow/unhealthy relationships. That may be at least part of your feeling of alienation, on top of past hurtful experiences with 'friends' and family. Don't let the zombies get you down, and keep dreaming of a better future.

I agree with you absolutely. As far as i am concerned, i am alone but i don't feel lonely..i have a cell phone but i don't want anybody to call me unnecessary or who is not close to my heart and there are very few people..i don't like to waste my time or energy..i love to be with myself and i enjoy my own company. Yes, i am communicating with you from a different part of the planet, that is the beauty of new technology. I think we should explore our own mind and find out what exactly we expect from life. The important thing is loving ourselves as we live only once and life is precious, time is short..enjoy every moment and stay happy.. Merry Chrismas.

Wow you pretty much said it all for all of us thank you

well your welcome i think! wish none of needed it to be said! ya know?

I know the place you are in. Technology doesn't connect us.. it disconnects us from reality. Those of us who are still living in the real world are the ones that really notice the loneliness. I think a lot of it is self-absorption. I hate to say it, but the world is desolate. But you know something? You are a light. However brightly you shine is entirely up to you. You have the power to make a difference. Shine, baby, shine!

thank you so much :)

God is with you.He has saved me from despair and u too can be saved :) Cheers! :)

i loved the way u wrote this, how u described ur emotions. i have been there so many times myself.
but i was the one that decided to put an end to it. i saved myself.
and although it is never bad to hope for a better future, to hope for help...sometimes thats what it takes. to get up one day and decide you will at least do your part, even if your knight in shinning armor never comes, even if you never find what you are looking for, so that you ,ay at least have the peace of knowing that you did all you could. that you made an effort to get down from the tower all by yourself

thanks :). and you're totally right. I have done lots of thinking today. and i know now what i need to do. now its just having the courage to start over and leave the ppl behind that i thought would always be in my life. thanks for the comment :)

no problem at all :)

I have felt like that before.... Now I feel alone as well, but differently.... I guess I have learned to live with that and I have a lot more hope now. Some things I thought were impossible back then, I realize that aren't as impossible as it seemed to me... Anyway... You want to talk about your thoughts? If you need someone to tak to, I would be gladly to just listen and help :) I'm here for you *

thanks for your support :). i think its definitely just a need to start over. just have to figure out where my new life will begin

Same here... :)
Having no one who cares is just like... having an serious accident without insurance.
Isn't it funny how a mere smiley can turn the whole mood?
I feel like I could die any second of solitude :)

just smile on the outside! maybe it will reverberate to the inside

I believe we're on the same page, sucks doesn't it! I love the way you write by the way :)

thank you very much. it seems writing is the only way anyone will listen to me. and really, im just writing to myself.
i wish you luck with whatever your going through. thanks for reading