I Miss..

I miss my best friends that moved away after school, I miss my ex gf even though I shouldn't. I miss looking forward to getting a message from someone I care about and smiling when I get it.
I feel stuck, I feel like everything is a test and I keep making the wrong choice and fate keeps ******* me.
I'm getting impatient, but I can't figure out the next step.
I am alone, with no direction.
I was always the friend that people called when they were in trouble, always the guy to save everyone.. who the hell do I call?

If anyone else is bored/lonely/awake.. I'll be up for a while.
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

I exactly know that feeling...

yup i know the feeling. it sucks :/

Sure does, nothing seems to fill the void. What ever seems like it will usually leaves me disappointed or just turns out to be a terrible choice.

nevertheless, its important to stay hopeful

Yeaa, that seems to be getting crushed as fast as it comes up anymore haha

lol then ur not trying hard enough :P

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