Doomed To Wander The Dark Night Alone...

For years, all I had ever wanted was to be with someone who is content with me. Someone that you can walk alone with in the wild places of the world, without food, shelter, and just not care. Someone like my Beautiful Rose of Oller.

I found that once. And lost it. Since, I forever roam this darkest night, seeking for one like her. No thing in this world is every singly created. Until I can find that same love, I will remain forever, truly, undeniably, alone.
Lucavi Lucavi
26-30, M
12 Responses Dec 30, 2006

great white buffalo man. The one that got away

My heart goes out to you! I know exactly how you feel, I once had my soul mate to. All I can say is to try to stay alive! Everyone is unique and theres only a couple of soulmates for each of us.

I am lonely too.<br />
I am married with two children. My life is my husband, his career and associates and my children. I feel I have nothing of my own. I love them all deeply and I know they all love me, but I feel I can't be myself. I feel like I am his wife or their mother. I'm worried I will lose myself.

attachment creates agony. Attachment is of the ego and ego wants to own everything. If it was two way love and she is alive, it means that you were somewhere wrong in assessment about her.<br />
<br />
Why do not think that the same thing may happen again if she is she and you are you. <br />
<br />
So my advice is that rise above this notion of possessing somebody. Be in love with yourself and surroundings and the true love will follow.<br />
<br />
Romantic life exists only in hearts not in the woods. Please understand. Mediatate on Who are you without the internal fighting and arguments and You will rise up.<br />
She will appear again ie natural. You find yourself and she will follow.<br />
<br />
You meditate and go deeper inside you and your state may be revealed to you by the higher self.

I feel your lonliness and pain, my heart feels for you,,,take care when you least expect it love will come to you.

my heart goes out to you

my heart goes out to you

I know exactly how you feel. I once found a girl that i can be myself with, with no cares in the world. <br />
<br />
but she disappeared like a bubble, so now, im in pain for not having anyone like her. she was all i had.<br />
<br />
i just hope someday my heart can lay to rest...<br />
<br />
so good luck to us finding her again.

hope u find that girl again who could walk wid u forever..


If I had ever known exactly how you had felt I would have never done wat I did to you, I would have never let you leave...<br />
I love you

That was beautiful.