Drinking Alone

I wonder how many people read over these comments when they have had a drink, anything from 1 glass to infinity. I am drinking now. Slowly. Very much so. And some of the comments here make me quite reflective. I too am alone, desperate to se someone, for a person to come round and say hi, just so that I exist. Then when I know I exist, I realise that person who said hi, will have to leave my life again and I am back where it all began. Alone.
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2006

sorry to hear your story. i hope you will find happiness in your life again. Pray to God for help. ask Jesus Christ for help, he cares and will help you. God bless you...

I feel this way every day and spend so many nights alone, drinking!!! it has been such a long time since anyone asked me to go for a coffee or a "mate" called me up to ask me to go for a beer!!! I feel very cut off - I live in a very popular family area in this town and see couples, kids all going about what they woudl probably consider to be mundane family life - I crave what they dread!!!!!!

you are never alone if people are around. Don't be shy you can make your own day. I will talk to you any time

you are never alone if people are around. Don't be shy you can make your own day. I will talk to you any time

GOSH! doesn't the monotony of that endless cycle just split your wig?!?!? i feel like a silly little child, sometimes....the way i get so happy anytime someone that i feel like a (credible) person takes an interest in me! i fantasize all the time about someone calling me up to say...like..."hey! let's go get an ice cream cone".....instead of...."hey, let's go out and get wasted tonight" ...someone who shared the same interests with me....someone i respected....not just ANYbody....i'm not that desperate (yet). it's all just an illusion, you know.....we're never really "alone." it's not a cliche...it's impossible for us to be alone. but, lonliness IS ONE OF THE MOST PAINFUL THINGS I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! mostly cuz there's usually not an immediate solution for the lonliness....for me, even when i'm in a room-full of people, i still feel lonely!!! sigh.....it actually does make me feel a little better knowing i'm not the only one feeling this way!!!