"I Feel Lonely Sometimes"

I really do feel so lonely sometimes. My son is at the age where he spends alot of time with his friends and I end up by myself bored and lonely! I have been single now for 6 mos and I liked the alone time at first it was nice. I don't have many people to talk to. All of my friends are too busy and sometimes it just gets to me and I start feeling a little blue! I think alot of people go through this!
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1 Response Jun 2, 2007

My mum had a similar situation when I started getting involved in activities in high school, it mean ti didn't have nearly as much time at home as I used to. My dad was around, but he spent a lot of his time in the garage. What she does is get exchange students. They love to go and see all the local sites that are much to uncool for kids who grew up in the area, and really offer a chance to broaden your perspective of the world. She often gets kids from the former soviet countries because they are so excited to see America. Even with all her kids out of the house now, she is still getting exchange students. It might be something you enjoy as well.