Always Lonely

I am so bleeping lonely,my heart feels like it is being ripped out of my chest.All I want is someone to love,that will love me back.But I have almost made up my mind that love for me will never happen.I have tried to love so many times before,but I can't let anyone in.Everytime I feel myself getting close to someone I back away.I am so afraid of letting someone that close to me.But I am so tired of being alone.I have been hurt one to many times and I am to afraid  to try again.

Since this post I got myself together and just started enjoying life.I realized that I was blessed in many areas of my life and that I didn't need a man to make me happy.I started getting out with friends and just started going one day at a time.Back in March of this year I met a man and we fell in love  :) It has been8 months now and we are going strong.At first I was scared he would just tromple all over my heart,but I got some real good advice from some people on here.I decided it was better to love and loose than never to love at all.I am so glad I decided to give him a chance  :)

Thank all of you for the wonderful advice.

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I wish you every happiness.

go forward follow your feelings but don't cheat your self give your feelings to the one who deserve and dont't worry about your lonely some people have unsuccess relations apreciate how god to be lonely

i am so sorry you feel this way,there is not much i can say,all i can say is its very lonley for me too.i have a problem that no one likes so i am by my self will meet someone one day soon that will be your dream and love for life.just hold on its coming soon.but until it comes just keep smiling and keep the joy and hope in your heart,you will make it.

I know how you feel except ive never had a long relationship i alway's ended them before they got to personal because im afraid of getting hurt and ive seen it happen so many time's that i really dont think i will ever find love but im hoping that some day i will.

I too have run from relationships because of the pain. And yet I have opened up to embrace them...knowing that they may end in pain. It still hurts a lot. There are some relationships that I have to end because of the toxicity of them and that still hurts...I feel so much. And yet I am determined to keep going through the pain and start over and let my heart be open to love again. It's not easy. Yet, I would rather try than to always be alone.

The feeling of loneliness is very scary. I understand how you feel. Its important to explore the world nad do things for yourself. Be selfish and pamper yourself. Go to the gym, go for a walk, go out with friends, join a dance class. Anything that will make you feel good. I feel like this at times and its an awful feeling. Dont loose hope in yourself and in the world. One day is always different than others. You never know what will happen. Wake up with a smile and be thankful for what you ahve. Believing and being a more faithful person will help you grow. Dont overthink about the idea of being lonely. LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE! <br />
You can't love someone if you odnt love yourself. You have to open up and interact and allow for someone to come into your life. I am sure you will meet an amazing person one day that you can interact and love. TRUST YOURSELF and giving people a chance.

I can relate to the loneliness for sure. I am also trying to build a happy single life so that I wont feel desperately lonely again before I get into another relationship. That way I wont be able to be hurt in the same way again if the relationship doesnt work out. Join my journey if you are interested at<br /> <br />
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