Wrong Cause I Amwho I Am

I am lonely, because I am loyal, faithful and have too strong a principle to give up on relationships.

My wife of 9 years  and partner of 13 thinks so and left me for another man. When I met her my ex-wife (now) was a lowly paid secretary with very low self esteem. A single mum she just went on with life thinking that was the best she could do.

I took her under my wings, gave her the skills put her through uni, wrote her resumes , practiced interview sessions and got her the job she wanted. She wanted to migrate to a new country, I gave up my high paying job and made her dream come true. But as soon as she had what she wanted I was not good enough anymore.

I know sometimes it seems like this is a one sided story, but this is the truth. I had one issue in our marriage, her child from a previous marriage never got along with me. The girl blamed me for her parents splitting up. She was only three when it happened. I wasn't even there.

My wife never mad an effort to explain this to her daughter and the tension between us remained. Now a teenager, my ex-wife had some much trouble managing her daughter. I guided her on the right things to do. Well at the end of the day.... I was still wrong ... I am now alone.

I have tried to date, even tried online. But being in a new country has posed its own problems. Women discriminate the fact that I am of Indian descent (although not Indian). I feel the reluctance to even talk to me. I feel like I cant fit in anywhere. Maybe its time to learn to remain alone. Maybe I should be an unfaithful, rude MCP because I know of my friends like that who have more luck with women.

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Don't give up on being a good man. How long ago since your divorce?