I have a lot of friends and they're all really caring and supportive but sometimes I still feel alone. I feel like I need one special person and that's what I'm missing.  I started a relationship this past December and it lasted one date, before we agreed on a mutual breakup.  Many times I've wondered if we could have made it work.  I wonder what would have happened if we had decided to give it a go.  I've thought about talking to him about getting back together, but I've never followed through.  Now I hear he's really desperate for a girlfriend, but I don't think those are good circumstances to consider getting back  together.  If you have any thoughts or advice feel free to share.  I'd really appreciate it.  Just being able to write this all out has made me feel a little less lonely, because I know that there's a whole group of people listening to me.  Thanks! =-)
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if hes available and you think it can work go for it.

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maybe you are bored with them but you have PEOPLE

Well i have been through 3 major break ups and i dont believe its true to say that they happened for a reason. However i know how your feeling. If he's desperate for a girlfriend then he is insecure about himself and prob lonely too. This isnt a great basis for a relationship but i wouldnt write it off completely, i mean it was only one date, why not give it a try casually at first, dont get too involved you will soon find out if theres something there, nothing ventured nothing gained eh?

I agree with you, the fact that he is desperate for a girlfriend probably isn't the greatest reason to get back together again. Why did you guys decide on a mutual breakup after only one date, and why is he so desperate for a girlfriend now? Just remember that you shouldn't try to make something work if it just isn't happening. Later on, maybe just not now, you will find that one person that you just click with and you will just know. Or, maybe you guys just didn't hit it off the right way the first time. Maybe you should think about giving it a second chance. Go on one date if you feel like it, and see how things go. I'm sorry that this is conflicting advice here, but I really can't think of anything else to tell you. I really hope things work out for you! =)

Being comfortable and fulfilled outside of the relationship is the best way to prepare yourself for a relationship that works. I also completely agree that you do not what to think about hooking up with your ex when he wants to date absolutely anyone, because then he's just using you. I hope you can find some friends that you can talk to so you can feel less lonely.