Social Anxiety

I have the ever-present thirst for companionship but an overwhelming fear of screwing up somehow in social situations.I've only ever had one friend but I moved away shortly after I met him.Ever since then I find myself unable to connect with anyone,not even family.
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it's all in your head. you just have to do the one thing you fear and put yourself out there. try to talk with someone who has similar issues, i go through the same problems and i am here to talk if you would like.

I dont' really have an unrealistic fear of screwing up in social situations... in fact, I believe it's part of life, not necessarily to be avoided like the plague. Yet, I do have an irrational certainty that people do not like me and do not want to be bothered by me... which unfortunately, is true sometimes. ;-) LOL!

Similar to me!<br />
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I'm not afraid of screwing up because, well, I usually do.<br />
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Luckily, i have a small group of very close, devoted friends