i have such a need for attatchment that i make friends with almost anyone who crosses my path... apparently i walk the same paths as people who just don't like me. i don't blame them really... but either way. i'm the queen of being hurt. friends, some who i concidered to be liek sisters or brothers for as much as 5 years always grow out of me. decide i'm a *****. or just can't stand me suddenly... so currently i'm actually trying not to get attached. not to make new friends. i have one best friend. i have my boyfriend, they're both amazing, and i hope they don't give up on me. i have some other friends... well two others... and they're great but i'm trying not to get to close so i won't get too hurt... and well... i just don't talk to anyone else... that's about it. there's my story about being lonely... anyone want to be my buddy?
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hi I understand how you feel.I go through the same with people I would like to be your friend.

Life is so freaking complex... yes, I agree you could be swimming in a stream of human beings who just are not your style, and vice versa. Heartily, I believe sometimes, there just isn't a whole lot of people out there that will mesh with me, and frankly, it's a waste of time to be sad about it... but I am. Unfortunately, I've gone the route of having the significant other being the sole friendship; it can be a strain, and it's also kind of limiting- especially if that relationship folds. Cheers to you, it sounds like you are doing okay! I'll be ya buddy if ya want, but again, there's the rub, we may be born enemies. LOL!