For some reason I feel ashamed of admitting to feeling lonely as though it makes me a really screwed up or unlovable person or something.  

It is tough for me to trust people or  to really open up and share myself beyond a certain point. Sometimes I feel afraid to risk opening up and getting hurt or rejected... as though it would be too devastating  and it is preferable to stay home alone. I don't lways feel very safe in the world.

RebeccaRSR RebeccaRSR
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4 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Many people empathise, you are not alone.

I feel the same way, sometimes. It's hard to trust people, when you've been hurt before.<br />
Being lonely doesn't mean we are bad people. It's just that we haven't met the right kind<br />
of friends. Just don't give up looking. I'm pretty sure they are out there.

I've been a hermit too, lately. Like the last 8 months. The friends I do have are the sweetest loving people, but they're always touring. Can we force ourselves to get up and out ? I hhope<br />
<br />
<br />
I hope so. I'm trying. I wish I could say a magic word and fix that empty place., in all of us.

Don;'t feel bad for feeling lonely there are many of us out here. My husband died 2 yrs. ago, and I'm desperately lonely, I don't want another relationship, I'm so not ready for that yet, but just to have someone to talk to , go to the movies with, share laughter, those are the things I miss. I met a few people but they always want more and I just don't have it to give right now. I'm open about my feelings because I think it's just fare. So don't beat yourself up. I just told another person, I needed a gay Friend.LOL, Good Luck