I Feel Alone - Even When With People I Care About

When ever am sad or lonely i find i do not have any one to talk  to. i just got done arguing with my husband (really bad). usually he is the one i turn to. when it comes to talking about my feelings he becomes Mr. Fix It. telling me i should not have to feel that way and to change it. yeah not so comforting - lol. my mom is there for me no matter what. she is a good listener but her advice is well, crazy sometimes and i just don't even want to go there. my best friend means the world to me but she is not the worlds greatest listener. in-fact when i told her i was getting back with my husband and asked her what she thought she said well ill be the one hearing about it. she is on her honey moon and right now i just want to be happy for her. currently i am not speaking to my brother. it seems that every friend i have made since have back stabbed me. lying to me trying to get me fired and lying to others about me is just the beginning. so other friends i have now are close acquaintances. i just wish i had someone to level with and to do the same with me. just say what i feel and not feel bad if they get impatient (husband), bored by not having fun or talking about themselves (friend), crazy (mom), ------ (brother) or not feeling comfortable.

gabrielleann gabrielleann
22-25, F
Jul 5, 2007