There Are So Many People Around Me. Yet I Still Alone.

Both my parents love me. I have a girlfriend. I have lot of friends at home and at uni.

Yet I still feel alone.

Noone truely understands what it is that I'm thinking. I wish I could let the world know everything but I'm scared they won't accept me. I feel like a fraud because people don't know things about me. I can't even tell my girlfriend some things because i know she won't ever understand.

I'm rambling! I feel alone.


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6 Responses Dec 10, 2008

Over and over, I read young people saying they are so lonely. It is so sad to me. When I was young, being alone was a gift. I was always out there doing something with friends or working.

I dont know you, but when I see letters like this, I wonder if people have a lose relationship with Jesus. It is through him, I found I was never once alone. That no matter what thing I faced, Icould talk to him, and get it out in the open, like havig a best friend. So, I hope you talk to him too, and discover that when all else fails,and we are so tired of operating on our own power, He is there.
There is nothing we do that has not been done before, There is nothing wrong with us, and just tell someone and let it go.

Well clearly you are not alone. I have the same feeling as you. Exactly the same. I don't think it is possible for anyone to ever TRULY understand. Once we accept that, its possible we feel less alone.

Talk about your feelings and whatever is on your mind with your girl friend and get to know the response. When there is someone to talk to , don't hesitate,

Yes, you really should talk out your will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, I'm sure! If not a family member, friend or GF, maybe a clergy member/school counselor, etc? <br />
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It's easy to feel "alone in a crowd" these days. We're separating from each other, thanks in part to technology, & we isolate ourselves out of fear & rejection.<br />
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The people who TRULY love you won't judge you for your feelings......."those who matter won't mind; those who mind don't matter".

I know what you mean you have are grateful for the love you have but feel like you constantly have to pretend that everything is ok because it should be ok but it isnt. It just isnt and it's because no one listens you are always doing the listening and when you finally get someione to listen they act like they don't care or its not that serious. Lie is like a bad dream every other day.

I do not know how normal we are, but I feel that way too. Always have. Most of the time. I have pretty much just embraced the feeling, and gotten used to feeling the way I do. It's like breathing now. And somewhere in that place, it has become less painful and more of a comfort. It's easier to deal with over time. Even tho that's not what I prefer, that's just how it is.