Why Can't I Find Someone to Love Me For Me

I am so tired of being alone all the time.  I want to find someone that will hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright and that they will be there for me.  I want to have someone to talk to that understands me and listen to me.  I have family but its not the same thing anymore.  Everyone I have met judges people by what they look like and that's not fair to alot of people.  I want to have someone love me for me.  Then maybe I wouldn't be so lonely anymore.  My family thinks I like being alone.  I do but not all the time.  I miss having companionship.  I just want someone who understands what I am going thru and can help me fix it.  I get so depressed sometimes, that I would rather be dead than live like this.  I just wish I knew how to make it better. 

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I know that it can get crazy sometimes.It is much more difficult for women.I understand that.What are your hobbies..what activities do you like to do.Get a piece of paper and write down what you like.Like I said hobbies,activities etc.Write them down..what do you like..do you like ..coffee,exercising,losing weight,cooking.What ever it is you like to do there is a group you can join.A past girlfriend of mine found her guy at a cooking class.Another guy I know is getting married to a great lady who he met at some church organization.As depressing as it must be you can make a difference in your life.You have many many groups out there that you can join.It is through these groups you can meet a lot of people.Friends,M/F Apart from bars which I detest.Still there are lot of safe ways to meet people.Find your likes in groups ..you might just find someone that has more in common with your likes and dislikes.I hope this is of some help.
Always with a smile:)

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As a female , I can relate to half of your story

I feel quite similar too sometimes, I just hope one day i'll meet someone who i can really talk to - and love :)

all you say is what I feel.