It Has Nothing to Do With Cheese Or Garlic

Some people can walk into a room and its like the music stops for them ... a kind of ... hush .. that makes one shiver .....

Some people seem to know everyones name and is so friendly and quick witted ....

Some people are so rude you don't want to say anything to them but you find you listen to what they have to say anyway

Some people seem to just disappear ..... have nothing to say... can one disappear any further into the wall ?

Some people look like they arrived at the wrong party and are to afraid to ask.

Some people just like to go out and not care what anyone else thinks and just turns up the music and then complains about the food or lack theirof

I wonder Who is the Loneliest in the room 

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
Jul 20, 2007