Lonely and Anxious

I feel lonely very often and that makes me very sad. I don’t have friends almost at all, maybe 2 of my flatmates but not more. I don’t open to new people easily and it’s hard to speak to anyone new. I have got a boyfriend that I love but the fact that he might become my whole world scares me and I don’t want that. He is trying to teach me that I have to have my own life in order to be part of his more fully. I feel lost a lot and even though everything seems going fine in my life it doesn’t have much sense to me, seems worthless. There are days when I am happy with myself, that’s when I manage ti push away this bad feeling but I am anxious over something unsopecified most of the time. I am wondering if anyone feels the same way.
Agata Agata
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 25, 2007

here is the reason why, ish, 53 gives the answer, all we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned to ourown ways,,, but the good news is god is searching for you, allow him to find you, and you wont be lonely any more, for he is your shepherd.

i know the feeling... :(
im in london for 5 years now... never being so lonely in my life.

its hard to live like this its tough but i am use to it now.