Am Lonely

Have you ever felt so alone in a crowd of people? My family is so caring and so full of activity but i still feel alone. And am embarassed - how could anyone in a family so full of love feel so alone? I can't tell anyone how i feel because i think they wouldn't understand. I feel the loneliness chilling to my bones and yet am always smilling laughing and joking to make others feel better. Am always trying to make light the moments to make everyone comfortable - but when am alone like when i go to my room - there is no hiding it all crushes in. Talk to me if you relate... 

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3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

I'm dealing with same thing...I'm so tired of it

I have felt all alone in a crowd of people. Looking at them share their conversation and I feel left out because I feel like expressing myself too but it's on the inside where they can't outwardly see me...The ex<x>pressions I give are catered to their depth of feeling. Embarrassed, yes, but remember they probably don't relate as deeply and richly like you (or I) so can't see into you like you can them. Those who do, may be your true friends. I am an ENTP but was an INFJ growing up. I experienced many of the feelings you describe and appreciate your place.

Your human. Sometimes when you're blessed with amazing family and friends, the feelings of lonliness snowball inside. You may feel ungrateful if you voice your feelings of depression or lonliness. Chances are, each one of your family members and friends have/are/will have similar feelings at some point. If you don't feel comfortable enough to voice your thoughts that's completely understandable. <br />
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I say, write it out. Cliche yes. But if it doesn't work for you I'd be very surprised. If you don't want to see it after you write it....throw it away. But atleast you get the feelings out of you in a constructive way.