Husband Deployed In Iraq

I just miss my husband so very much. We have been married for over 10 years and we have never been more than 24 hours apart before he got called active from reserves in the army. It has been 9 months of separation and the pain is excruciating. I don't know how to accept this army lifestyle and get used to it.  Just missing my baby so much. He tries to call me everyday he can or email me everyday. But lately the lines have been down from the sandstorms and the internet has been out because the sattelites are full of sand. When we do speak to each other, we cry and just tell each other how bad we miss and love each other. I have no strength to comfort our 2year old son. He is so precious and he wakes up at night crying dada, dada, dada!!! Sometimes he has nightmares too but I just rock him to sleep or pray over him. This is sooooooo challenging for me. I never felt so lonely in my life. My other half of my heart is in Iraq missing us too. My hubby says he tries to read the bible and pray with the other married soldiers who are missing their spouses too. It helps! But I soon get another bout of lonliness and the pain comes back. You can email me and share you heart too. My email is
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My Husband just deployed as well... and the day before he left we had a miscarriage. I'm incredibly sad... but i know that when he comes back it will be another chance for us to try to conceive again. I love and miss my Husband incredibly much! It hurts when I think about how much longer i have to stay strong til he comes back home. I feel like crap. I can't stop writing him letters, and I won't. He went to Iraq as well, but I hope that when time comes that we can communicate, the problem that you had with the sandstorms and whatnot don't happen. I never thought of that trouble of communication. God be with you and your family. I'm just waiting another 6 months to past by... hopefully as fast as possible.

I understand how you feel. My husband leaves for Iraq on Sunday but is often away <br />
for work (he is a special agent with the State Department)but was in the army prior to <br />
this job. We have a 2yr old and an 8mo old. We used to live in Florida where we were <br />
surrounded by friends and family but we were moved to the DC area (where we have no <br />
friends or family) and now he is being sent to Iraq. I looked in to having an au pair to <br />
help with the kids (but honestly, I'm used to caring for them alone. I really wanted one <br />
for the company to help with the loneliness because they live in the home with you). <br />
Unfortunatley, we can't afford it. It is def worse in the evenings when everyone is going <br />
home to their husbands and I am alone in an empty bed. Sometimes I turn on the <br />
television so it sounds like someone else is here besides me (and the kids. The kids are <br />
more care than companionship at this age). I know that there have to be others in this <br />
area in my situation but I haven't found anyone. I just wanted you to know that you are <br />
not alone in your lonliness.<br />

who fell lile me alone and can writte me .my mail adress

l live alanya alone. l olso feel lonely.l have been here 6 years and l have not much friend.l w and will go beach and came back home . l learn stay alone .same times feel not good . but all my friend from europ. from england , from holland, from germany,..............and now l am alone and need same friend to share samthing.

I hope things are going better for you, if your husband is still there. The separation seems nearly unbearable. Please know that many are praying for you and your brave husband, on a mission to serve his country. I can't relate to your situation, but back in 2003 my wife and I kept a child for nearly two weeks while his mother was sent on a similar mission, to serve her country. Each day she was gone her son would awake and ask when his mommy was coming home. We kept telling him she would be home soon, not to worry, everything would be ok. Then on Feb. 16th, 2003, we got the news she was killed. Though it wasn't direct family, the child was like he was ours. It hurts almost as much now from writing this, as it did then, knowing what his next few years would be like.<br />
<br />
So know that God is truly with us. He said he would be, anytime we needed Him. See Him everywhere, sitting next to you, holding your child, standing next to your strong and brave husband. May God Bless You.

Hi Dear,<br><br />
<br><br />
My brother is in Border Security Forces and he is married and father of a 2 years old now. Most of the time his team patrols on border of Kashmir While his wife and the baby lives far far away in Kolkata. He only gets 40 days leave in 1 year and come home once a year. <br><br />
<br><br />
I just want to say you to be brave.<br><br />
Just keep loving your husband.

I am sorry you are alon but think possitive for when he comes home i was with my husband for 18 years he was 35 and died instantly i can never be with mine so keep your head up and love him like crazy when he gets home to you .

I know how hard it is being away from your soulmate, the love of your life, Mine died little over two years ago, yours will be coming home, you hold on to that and make plans for things you three will do together, my thoughts are with you, God Bless