Who Doesn't?...

Who doesn't?
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Everyone is alone. Proof: everyone has a mind. Every person has there own individualness (forgive the spelling). That gives them the ability to be alone and converse. Your opinion is your own, but everyone wants to hear different opinions. Since the previous statement is true no one knows whose opinion they want to hear. So, for all any person knows, everyone wants to hear anyone's opinion.

The first comment that posted by Galque:<br />
[ Those who are not alone :) ] reminds me with the first part of Coldplay's song:<br />
<br />
'Those who are dead are not dead<br />
they just livin in my head .....'<br />
<br />

i feel lonely and isolated most of the times...i know why i feel this way and its because i really dont know how to talk to people personally ...i feel awkiwd and for that i am left alone....i know this is a problem that i cant get over.... i try using powerful motivational phrasses that ccan help me get through th dae or th moments but n the end it doesnt give me any self accomplishment aht awll.!? huh.,?so i thort keeping in mind everyday that we should take wun step aht a time will be bulshit lol....but maybe i need to rest that thort to isolate my loneliness and undoubtingly sadness.huh.,?


I hate being alone!<br />
I reacted this way because I'm not used to live alone in my whole life. I grew up with my complete family, always there for me and now I'm having with my own Family together with my husband and two kids. They are the source of my life. I don't know how's the feeling being far away from them.<br />
<br />
____________________<br />
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As long as we think of ourselves as a distinct 'self' separate from everything else we will always be alone, no matter how many people are around us.

KChiefs, trust me when i say this: you are not the only one that feels the exact same way. <br />
I've been feeling really alone and sad for the most part of this year (due to a series of problems and troubles) and i'm starting to wonder if it could mean that i'm actually depressed?? <br />
<br />
If you don't mind sharing, what has been making you all feel so lonely and sad in your life? Friends? Parents? Family? Work?

I feel alone and sad a lot of the times, but knowing things can't be any worse gives me some motivation moving on into the future.

my entire life i have been alone, except for 1 week. i have also only had sex with hookers. i should also mention i am 19.

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EYour one hundred percent lright" Nobody doesn't NOT feel lonely at soem point in there lives...

I used to think that even when I'm alone the ones who love me are always with me.I loved that thought.It made me think about my mum,my loads of friends...And then I've been raped and all I can think is I'd rather be just alone so that I don't harm others.

being alone in a crowded room is possible and everyone must feel alone in there lives . i mean i'v been alone for 2 years , a little bit sad but positive . if you need someone to talk to i'm around maybe you'll stop feeling alone =)

Be positive! If you remain negative, your chances of getting out of your rut lessen.

Those who are not alone :))