Especially When I'm Alone....

Especially when I'm alone. I end up thinking that the few people I would consider my friend really aren't my friends and don't really like me. It's amazingly hard for me to make friends also because of many reasons:

1. I am not sociable and often very self-conscious.
2. I don't trust people.
3. Friends that I thought I were close with suddenly break-off with me; seems like I scared them lol.
4. I am considered a neek/geek/dork or whatever.
5. I am an Asian in a Western society.
6. I am ugly.
7. I am not a good person.

And many many more. Living without the security that you have true friends can be very lonely.
lupin136 lupin136
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 1, 2007

Dont rely on anyone then you wont feel let down, I closed my door on my so called best friend and it was the best thing I ever done, now in my life it is I who chooses to who I like sitting at my table and knowing that the person is there to be with me, the more people you have in your life, the more problems you will bare, If you believe you are ugly and a bad person, then why should you think any different about your self, start thinking for you and stop worring about others, we need to be on our own so we can sort our selfs out, use your lonliness as a positive thing and your life will turn around.xx