So Here I Am Venting...

About a lonely marriage. My wife and I had a great marriage before I deployed to Iraq. While we were pregnant before she left and during the deployment she gave birth to our beautiful baby boy. Problem is since I've been home (8 months) she hasn't let me back in. We have only been intimate 3 times and the last time I felt like a baby machine. She wants another and has trust issues due to her mother lying to her about numerous things over the course of her lifetime....I have tried everything, slow and easy, patient, romantic, etc...list goes on and on and on....I feel like...I don't know...

devildoc devildoc
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1 Response Jan 24, 2009

i am sorry for that , but as i was reading , i keep waiting to tell us why she done that , i mean you do not seems to know why ? did you try , there is reason ... a reason YOU must know ... she want anther baby ... so she do not want to end this up .. or maybe this is her way to tell you " i was lonely too "<br />
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put on your mind ... that it is not easy for her too ... you ( the one she love ) to go away .. to place so dangerous , that you might never come back ... <br><br><br />
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talk to her .. she might be as lonely as you ... my heart goes for you ...