I Just Moved Across Country... and Now I Feel Lost and Alone

Well, I just got married to a Marine. I'm so happy that I did, even though we're both under 21. I guess we've just been apart so long, he has 7 months left in Pensacola for his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) School. And after he finished boot camp, and MCT (Marine Combat Training) we just, we didn't want to be apart anymore. So we got married, and I moved from MN to FL.

Florida's gorgeous so there are no complaints there. And when my hubby's home, and we're spending time together, I'm fine. I'm happy as can be. But since he's in the Marines and still in school, he's in class from 2pm to 10pm, and on days where he has PT (physical training) which is 3 out of 5 days, well then he's gone from 11am to 10 pm.

I guess when I moved down here I thought we'd be together, but I forgot that being here doesn't change what he has to do as a Marine. I guess it's harder because for one, I don't have my license, so getting around and meeting people, seems impossible. So I'm working on getting over my tiny fear of driving so that way I can get a license and maybe go out and meet people.

But I guess because I have kinda a low self-esteem, just about my physical self, it's made me a little shy. So I dunno what to do. But I'm tired of feeling so alone. When I was in MN I had such a close group of friends, but now that I got married and left, they're all too busy to even talk on the phone, they're all with each other.

I'm just stressed about the lonely thing because my husbands on base 5 out of 7 days a week, he sleeps in and then goes to bed soon after I make dinner when he gets home. Then weekends, he just wants to crash and sleep the whole weekend away.

I want to get out, and meet people. And have my time occupied. I'm tired of feeling trapped and bored in this empty house.

Love fills up the house, but that's only when he's home. *sigh* :(

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You should find a hobbie like someone mentioned, scapbooking. Idk I run when Im bored or stressed or I just sleep. Eric is at boot camp right now and next year I am moving to San Diego. I wasn't aware he wouldn't be home half the time :( That's a bummer I'm really sorry. Stay strong and Im here if u ever wanna talk

i just moved across country from sc to az where my marine is stationed! so i know exactly how you feel... message me anytime!!

i'll talk to u when ever im on if u want?!?!?

aww .. it seems so romantic to marry in this age ! i am really happy for you ... :) <br />
<br />
well .. i am a daughter for a pilot in the army ... so i kinda know what my mother went through , yes she left her family behind , and all the people she knew .. bcuz my father job ( you know :] ) , and sometimes my father leave home for a year , but when i look at them now after 33 yrs of marriage .... it really worth it .. they are happy .. and my mother said that my father is a good man and he worth all the waiting ... when the get married she was 18 and he was 22 :) <br />
<br />
she learned many things while he was out , cooking ( she is geart cooker now ... :] ) drawing , knitting ( our house are filled with them ) .<br />
<br />
after a while , you will be master in making friend in a short time .. .. beside you will know MANY women just like you situation ...<br />
<br />
keep up , and hope all the best for you and you man :)

I do go out... I go walking around our neighborhood. I've met our neighbor. But everyone in the Military Housing is so old. I guess I dunno the area, I've been in this city for less than a month.... I have no car... the bus system stinks... and I guess I don't know where to go if I were to go somewhere. It's kinda an isolated city. I'm tryin to stay positive, but yikes its hard.

you may need to get out for your own good.