All Alone Far, Far From Home.... a crappy marriage to a man who breaks my heart constantly & doesn't care.  He usually doesn't remember it, since it's a result of a medical issue he has... but even when I tell him about it later, he DOESN'T CARE.  He thinks I should just be 100% understanding & not HAVE any feelings.  In fact, I'm a deeply emotional person.  We moved across the country, leaving my sons & my brother & my friends behind... for his job... and I honestly don't have a single good friend or a shoulder or a support network of any kind, & I feel like I'm gonna croak over here.

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I dont know you,but i hope things get better for you :)

some time we feel like this but we should not afraid it not difficult to make new friends with whom you can share your burden of heart .. so make new friends there and do not lose heart .. we feel alone but we never lonely .. just see around u .. u will see lots of friends waiting for you .. and bad thing happened in life with a lesson and always has a positive lesson for us .. do u see the stopped clock on wall .. he also tells right time daily twice a day.. be brave and things will change soon.. trust yourself and love yourself..<br />
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peace<br />
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be cool ..think thats the phrase to use ,,,, lonely in my home too .... so hard to love one way........