Years of Loneliness

I really don't want to get into my life story because I would be here all night I am 58 years old  and I truly know the feeling of being alone. So I am just going to stick with the present. With all the things I have been through I find myself pushing people away and believing that there is no such thing as love or friendship but I keep on trying but in my heart I know that it's all  going to turn out the sameway. I can be in a room with a hundred people and still feel a lone. These are the things that I have learned as long as I stand and hold  in my feelings and concerns, and I don't share what I am really feeling then I will remain alone. I am still working on me and writting this is helping. You don't realize how much.

Subatia Subatia
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Yeah, we do. <br />
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Big hugs for all the lonely people tonight.