Truly Differnt


I was one of the more different people most of my life. I felt a lot of pain because I was so different. Unfortunately, I learned to deal with my pain by taking it out on others.  

 Finally, I focused on my loneliness and went to work on not being so different. With the help of a great psychiatrist I was able to take small steps toward becoming a compassionate and loving husband and father. 

  First I had to want to change what was wrong with me. Second, I had to do the work.   If you are lonely then you need to be honest and admit what YOU are doing that is keeping your self lonely. then be willing to give up what is keeping you so lonely and start working hard to change.   My psychiatrist said that I am the only person like me that he has ever heard of to change. So if I can do it so can you…DD 

  PS…I was a sociopath.  

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Good luck, keep on keeping on. ...

OMGoddess I got a nice comment from half way around the world! Thanks you...DD