I Don't Know What's What Anymore

I am lonely, and broke, and many other things. I don't even know what to write as a story. I just got laid off and cannot find another job. All my friends have things to do and I am stuck here alone.

  I have been in many relationships some of which just ended up becoming tumultuous beyond believe or she just left me for someone else. I don't know why either. I' ve been told that I am a great looking guy.


  I am 5'6", about 150lbs. I play guitar in a band. I love to sing karaoke and I have a few songs that I've written myself. Scrubs is my favorite TV show of all times and I like watching Disney movies. I don't know why I am the only guy I know who is not in a relationship right now. I feel like I am growing up to be one of my uncles which is the last thing that I need. I just really need a friend, maybe someone who will be more someday.

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I read this and thought that I was being set up. My fiance took a hike and it is Valentine's Day. You are only 25 years old, so that isn't true. You are a guy and men do the asking. A girl feels really bad waiting for you to ask her out. Take the initiative. Hand a girl a rose and say, "Would you like to share a Big Mac." She is waiting for you to say it. You will never be lonely again.

I got hurt on the job In 2004. I went through Katrina, and I mean I was in Katrina. I was flown to San Antonio to where shortly after that I was informed that my lawyer said he could no longer help me, and I was still unable to work. My wrkmans comp money was cut off. I went to a workmans comp board hearing. I found out it wasn't for me, but it was for the Doctor that treated me. I met with one off the head guys that showed me a letter. My lawyer wrote that I was no longer enterested in the money. If that was getting hit with a sledghammer. From there things got worse. I am a veteran and they told me I had to brake all ties with workmans comp before they could help me. Then things got worse. I turned to alcohol, and drugs because I got angry. I ended up losing everything again. Since 2004 I have been lied to stole from, and people tried to use me.From 2003 until now I have been broke, and it was just a year ago that the veterans started helping me.<br />
People just don't leave, there are always reason. Being good looking sometimes just not enough. Playing in a band, your are always practicing, Did you leave her home alot. things go wrong in people lives and 9 times out of 10 we always piont the finger at the other person for things going wrong. We hardly ever stop and look at are selves. <br />
<br />
And I love Disney, and your not the only one that is alone believe me. I find peace in knowing that no matter how bad I think I might have it that there is always somebody out there that has it worse than I do. It always makes me feel like my compaints are petty.

You may be the only guy that you know of not in a relationship right now. But, you're definitely not the only guy who is single.