Valentines Day Blues


Well it's Valentines day and for 2yrs now I've been single. Prior to 2 yrs I was in a 3yr relationship to someone I once thought was great but turned out to not be and would beat me up, I staid with him for 3yrs hoping he'd change like he promised but he never did, he just got worse and the beating got more frequent and I winded up becoming like a prisoner, he wouldn't let me have any friends or go anywhere and I lived in alot of fear I finally had the courage to call the police the last time he beaten me, and got him arrested and I have an order of protection, I couldn't believe that I winded up in that situation.

I have since been alone and broken, because I have tried few times to make a relationship work and I'm always loving someone who doesn't love me in return but instead takes advantage of me in the long run. I really want a good man in my life who will love me and treat me right...

CheriCena CheriCena
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

Try being single for 13 years, without even being close to finding a chance for another relationship. <br />
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Guys like that never change. I don't understand why women belive that they will, or that they will be the one to change them. Giving them a second a chance, and a third chance, and a forth, and a fith, just tells them they can keep doing it. If they hit you once. Leave.