Another Valentines Day

I wish it did not bother me. I wish I could focus on what I feel are important things in my life. Part of me has this desire to conquer the world, and then there is that part... This feeling that is just under my skin. It's always there. in my happy moments and in my sad. The feeling of sharing my life with someone. I was separated then divorced in 06'. It feels like a life time ago, but I wish I could have that feeling again. To walk hand in hand, to read the paper together, to explore antique shops, just to hang out. Why is it so hard when there are so many lonely people?

I guess this sounds silly. I just needed to vent a little. It's a rough day and I wish I could have spent it with someone other than my laptop.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

Hang in there.....sometimes just sharing a day shopping and some lunch with a girl friend can get you through these times.<br />
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I had to move to a new area with my 10 year old at the time, I joined a computer class one morning a week....met some others.....some married some not, and we all would laugh and have good discussions over lunch in the coffee shop......this developed .....into friendships......some of us meet for card night Friday.<br />
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It fills a void....and when the right guy comes along he will find it refreshing that you didn't put your life "on hold " waiting for him.<br />
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hugs xx