Valentine's Hell

 I am sitting on my bedroom floor, with a bottle of arbor mist blackberry merlot...alone.  It sounds so cliche and yet so familiar...I think every valentines since the age of about 14 has been spent on the floor with a reeeaaally cheap bottle of ( not quite) wine, alone.  Not to fear, I just opened it...and one bottle won't make me hate the world or anything.  I have a 12 pack of shiner bock for that purpose later. 

I think valentines day is crap, really.  Is your girlfriend/husband/significant other really going to be that much nicer for one day?  And even if he/she is, who cares, they will be ******** again the next day, which negates the purpose. 

So what if I am alone while he is out with the guys?  At least I'm not making some bullshit gesture to make myself feel better...why not embrace the pathetic-ness?

rosiebud22 rosiebud22
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

well you got something to drink you should be ok!