Extra Lonely

im always around so many ppl but i feel so lonely.. and wat makes it worse is that all my friends have boyfriends or guys that they are interestd in and are talking 2 on more than a friendship level and i have no one. the guy i thought liked me likes my backstabbing friend [who im not really firends wit anymore] and the guy i really really like prolly doesnt see me that way. i dont kno if im lonely cuz i have no guy or cuz my friends dont talk about anything except for their boys and i have no one 2 talk about.

randomchick214 randomchick214
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

You should make other friends. Join some other groups or church (If appropriate). Join a gym or reading group.<br />
People really are out there. Good luck!!!!

Hey, kind of in the same boat as you. All my friends are in relationship and I felt a bit left out too, but this is just a very small portion of our life so lets be optimistic and get through this (yea... I'm pretty emo too = )