They Say They Understand

I know people mean well and I love them for it, but no matter who it is and no matter how many times I hear a person say I understand or me too; it still seems like I am so alone.

kate140879 kate140879
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5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Dear, spend some time for yourself so you can learn about your inner person and its needs. It hasn't been listened enough.

I can agree with this, after the **** thats happening in my life theres no one i can go to and talk with because they turn it back in my face

*sigh*<br />
Me too...apart from My King and mum so farrrrr away, both, nobody!

Thats it my friend! Im so busy being everyone else's rock to lean on that I dont have time for myself and even IF I do have time to myself where I am sad or depressed, the people I am the rock for are never there for me...... but according to them they were busy, how convienent.

sounds like me. lol when i talk to someone about my feelings or problems they are always like OH MEEE TOO! or i completely understand where you are coming from. but they never act on their words. it seems like they really don't understand they just say it to make you feel better. but thats my opinion. lol