Letting Go

My childern are adults with families of their own, I am semi disable, dont leave home often, so

I depend on being apart of their lives; the thing is I feel rejected by one of my kids,

I realize I have to allow them their freedom to live their own lives

I dont want to feel rejected by anyone; I"m getting better at letting go, but I have A long way to go.  ..

Bluebird777 Bluebird777
70+, F
3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I'm happy you are feeling better today...

Oh yes Angelwings, thanks for asking I'm happy to say my childern and I have mangaged to Let go of each other, and live our lives, thank God..The child I thought rejected me, has come to terms with our problems..<br />
Like they say Take one day at A time, if you don't mind me saying, Let Go and Let GOD guide your actions..

Sound advice, I hope to rise above this set back,<br />

just take one day at a time!