9 Months Pregnant and Husband Leaving

 H elp!  I don't want to lose my husband but he's on his way out.  I'm nine months pregnant with our son and due any time and he just told me that he is moving out.  Everything was fine two weeks ago but then something changed and now I'm losing him.  I know that he's been talking to his ex and I'm afraid that he is running to her due to stress here at home.  I have three kids and he has one kid and I am pregnant with our first one together.  I am a very kind, loving person and very easy to get a long with however because of me having an illness and being pregnant I had to take a maternity leave earlier than planned and now our finances are suffering.  Because of this, I believe he's stressed to the point that he's running away from everything as fast as he can.  What can I do besides watch him go and watch my life crumble?  

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Frankly, if he walks out and leaves you to raise your child alone, get Child Support Services on him. He can't just think he can run from you and not deal with his responsibilities? If he won't come back to you and love his whole family, he can at least pay for the family he created. Exes are a tricky tricky thing. I do wish you well.

It takes a male to be a speed donor, and a man to be a Father. I am sorry he is showing his true character at this moment instead of 10 months ago. If you need to talk and vent message me. Hugz.

Why would any woman want to fught to hang onto some one who just left his wife in the learch, not to mention the astress shes going through with carrying a baby? he turned his back and ran like a chickwen ****. Just goes to show that there is one question I have in mind. What did he do when he left his first wife for 2nice? theres always a pattern to this kind of behavior. I know its been about 8 months after the birth. Just currious as to what may have transpired since then. 2Nice if you get this, would you mind responding on the post? I'm going to add you to my circle. good luck

if you love him try an fight for him.hes in a bad way it sounds.rell him u understand he wants to escape.say u do to but u cant.emphazise that running away wont make his problems go but will increase them two fold.ask him if ther is anythingg else on his mind an that no matter what u will be there to help him.nake sure u eat an get reat yourself as u are pregnant.maybe suggest he does go for 1 week only if he that upset,but only to family.it may give him time to cool down.it may be a waiting game.i do hope things pick up.keep us posted.add me as a friend if u need any.im a mum too.x

Be strong for your children try and talk to your husband even if he wont listen. Money is a big issue in any relationship but you have to think positive and you both need to try and plan how to cope financially and if he doesn't you will have to. Don't give up!