I Always Feel Lonely

sure i have friends. and yeah they like to hang out. but every day i feel like there isnt any1 in the world who appreciates me being around. i question weather they are real friends, or just people who act like they are. theres always those moments when im sitting at home on a friday night wondering why im not out doing anything. and it all comes down to me being a loner. i dont fit in with popular groups and feel left out of everything. people just generally dont like me.

kronhole kronhole
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

im a loner to,but im a real nice person.i dont fit into any groups because i dont want to.i am different an im happy being me.ive excepted that im a socail butterfly online but in the real world its me an me.i find peole to be false an tiring sometimes.an i know they are pretending also to be mates.groups of peole often do this to be popular etc.u dont have to do that.like yourself.enjoy being on here as ther are others like yourself an enjoy your own true friendly company with yourself.

insecurity's can have allot to do with it. what you need to figure out is "Why am i lonely" that's the question that needs to be asked. And if your friends say they want you around then know that its true even if you feel like their lying to you.