Fed Up Of...

being on the outside looking in. i blame it on crap childhood, moving every 2yrs or so. buggers up schooling, and didn't realise at the time but was putting up walls to new people on the scene. i figured-no point making friends cos i'll be hurt when i move in 2yrs time( this was the 80's). hindsight, now realise i'm hurt cos there are no friends around! not easy to change habits of lifetime alas, even though i know it's flawed!

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Re vulcan45..."no comment" probably best reply :-)

-"my brain's working so fast, my mouth can't keep up!"<br />
<br />
its usually the other way round for me lol

Ta eyeno. i do seek 'help' but loadsa people aren't convinced that anything is wrong, esp mother!<br />
bible-no point dishing that out, as i don't believe in any of it!

Problem is i overthink! sometimes never gettin views across, cos i analyse so much! then other times, i say something childish/rude & get bollocked for it!<br />
I've often been told that it's wot i'm saying that's wrong, but how i say it-wrong tone!

Well this manager who cheekily said not at the UN...<br />
talked with a few others the other morning, & he's one of only a few who understand my speech...he said, "i got that, but now my brain hurts!"<br />
he also reckons to talk slower-i should try reading Shakespeare out aloud!<br />
i always say-"my brain's working so fast, my mouth can't keep up!"

I'm not sure work would agree with u re great comm. skills! 1 boss said-well, don't think we'd ever see u at the UN! I am better at writing things down, than speaking.

Good points mentioned in ur last post re cliques, but ur obviously more confident than myself! self-esteem is probably to do with it, but speech is also an issue- most people have difficulty understanding a word i say!<br />
an entirely diff story that is!

It's like when out with colleagues, they're all within little cliques and i'm hovering around the edge, like the runt of the litter so to speak!