loneliness is a hat i use to dress up need.

need is much prettier when accessorized with the politically correct 'lonely.' who isn't lonely? it's almost sinful to say you aren't.

but, needy, well. that's when people draw away and you're left empty, a hole of a human.

so much easier to say, "i'd just like a friend," rather than admit, i can suck a person dry with this insatiable need.

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Loneliness can sometimes be blissful if you are in contact with the inner you but it is painful when you feel you're empty n lack sth...this indeed becomes hard to take

I agree with the title and how "loneliness" is really "wanting a friend or someone who cares", and yet we have to masquerade it in such as way that is "politically correct" so as to not be isolated and make the loneliness worse.

very good story loneliness is hard to take sometimes more than others