Hold Me

I want to be held

I want to feel strong arms around me

I want to feel my head on a warm chest

I want to hear a heartbeat

I want to feel my fears, my sadness, and my loneliness fade

I want to feel the world around me melt away

I want to feel safe

I want to be held

ShatteredSilk ShatteredSilk
36-40, F
5 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I know exactly what you mean, Shatteredsilk. There's an incredible feeling of safety in being held by someone. And who said she was looking for it here? She was talking about it here. I thought the logo said to share. Silly me.

Romance novels? I haven't read a romance novel since I was 16. As for sympathy, I'm not looking for that either. Posting on here is something I do as a kind of catharsis. Isn't that what EP is all about? Posting thoughts, feelings, experiences? Hmmm, maybe I was wrong.... And I do have someone, he just happens to be deployed to Iraq. Kind of hard, isn't it?

At first I was hoping that you wrote a poem ... then realized you meant every word. Now, I believe you read too many romance novels ;)<br />
If you want all that, you're not going to find it on here. You're looking for sympathy. You'll take it even if it's from people you've never met before. Instead of crying about it on a message board, why don't you get yourself out there and search for that 'heart beat,' you're so desperately wanting find?

KK...I know what you mean. For me being help is my favorite part of a relationship. I wish you luck in your endeavor.<br />
<br />
Gary...thank you so much. That really is sweet.

What you wrote is very nice. Most people don't understand that needing someone doesn't mean you are needy. It just means you part to be part of something beautiful. When two people find what you are looking for that is special. You have to hold on to it and never take it for granted. I hope to find someone to hold as much as you want to be held. I wish us both luck.