I have been going out with a wonderful girl now for the past 5 years, and just about at our 2nd year together, she started thinking I was interested in another girl.  She got jealous, and threw her keys at my face.  We kissed, and made up, though nothing ever seemed to be the same.  She always kept talking about my other friend, and how I talkted to my friend.  Years have passed now, and now she is getting upset at me because I talk to my friend online while I am on the phone with her.  She says that I am being rude.  Also, now she has completely stopped kissing me, hugging me, or even having any physical contact with me whatsoever.  I am thoroughly upset about this whole change of mind with her, and I have no clue what to do.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Hi there, I can see that you are hurt by the situation with your girl friend. Relationships are so complicated sometimes but in this you have to see it from her side. Women want and desire a man's attention. She wants you to share with her as you share with this other women, she is clearly jealous, but I think if the tables were turned you may be too. This may mean nothing more to you then a friendship but she see's it as an emotional attactment to someone else. Hang in there, But I am afraid trust is the issue now for her and without trust it is hard to reconnect in the relationship.

So you're still talking to that same girl while you are talking to your girl-friend. Are you stupid? What do you expect. I guess you are kidding right?