I Hide Behind a Smile But Will He Ever Know

He might like me, I wouldn't have the slightest idea why, Im his employee, 19 when he is 24, and most times cant even look at him because Im so afraid he will find out that I like him. But he added me to myspace and after a pleading message to hang out with him I got his cell phone number. I have texted him a few times, and I think I have crammed more into those texts than I have into any conversation I have had with him. I hate beeing so shy. I want to hang out with him, but where. I'm afraid to be with him alone and him find out I love him. I am myself around people I trust, my friends are my security blanket in a sense, but unfourtunatley for the guy I like I have no friends where I work besides him. So he rarley ever sees me for me, just sarcastic remarks and a lonely face, never to see me happy because I have no security when I am with him. Every guy I  ever got close to never went on a one on one date with me, I want him to get closer to me and want to call me. What can I do to make are relationship less distanced? I hate beeing so lonely.

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

*** to ME !

Try to forget about yourself and think hard about him. What do you think he may fear? What might make him cry? Does he ever cry, do you think? Has he suffered any heartbreaks that you know about? Find his weaknesses and make an effort to help him cope. We are all "walking wounded." When you are trying to help him you will be more yourself, you will be demonstrating care and love, which is tremendously attractive when it's sincere, and that is what most people need. Cut out the sarcasm. Sarcasm separates souls. Embarrassment is getting in your way. That's probably why you are sarcastic. Drop that and your focus on him should help you forget yourself enough to act "normal". Good luck.