i am 49 and have been married for 28 years and have 2 wonderful children who are grown. The trouble is I am so lonely. My husband lives on the computer every minute he is home. He plays a game called second life with other woman. This really hurts me. I have tried to be understanding but i think this isn't fair me sitting here lonely everynight watching him on the computer with other woman. I live away from my family so its really tough. I have tried to be a good wife and always put him first but not sure how much longer I can feel this way. anyone else out there like this in this situation? please help. I feel like i'm an attractive person who feels life is just slipping away from me:(

nance nance
46-50, F
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i know what you mean about being lonley my wife got mettings 5 nights a week i never fell loved or full hang in there

I got to a point where I knew whatever I did would be unappreciated (liking putting in a starter during a snow storm) but would be expected to follow through with my marriage commitments. hopefully you are not there yet and your husband loves you enough to work with you, if not you can always reach people here...many of us are lonely too...PaL

I am sorry that you feel lonely Nance. It must be frustrating to be with someone and at the same time not. It's amazing how computers have taken over so much of our lives. For both good and bad. They are an amazing source for quick knowledge, but they can be so addictive. How would your husband feel if he read what you posted? Maybe he should...<br />
I can tell you from experience, I would much rather curl up at night with a woman than my laptop. I'm sure given the choice he would too. <br />
I remember when my wife left, (not computer related) I kept thinking... Did I take her for granted? Is there something I could have done differently? <br />
Have you ever seen the movie "GroundHog Day" with Bill Murray? My favorite line in a movie is at the end when hr says "What can I do for you today"? <br />
So, All this rambling. What can he do for you today? You are much more deserving than a computer. I know its been 28 years and life can get a little mundane, but you are still young and there is much more to life than whats behind that little monitor. So kick him in the butt and spend some quality time together. <br />
I hope everything works out for you. Good luck