Agoraphobic Isolation

I'm agoraphobic, I had anxiety disorder, which became panic disorder, and now I'm agoraphobic. I am totally isolated, I have panic attacks in situations that are uncomfortable for me which overtime became simpler and simpler until now standing in line in a grocery store is sometimes unmanageable.

Making it worse is my life's experience, I was in the Navy for six years. I've been to Bali, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Bahrain, brazil, England, and France. Now I get panic attacks going just a mile away from my home.

This is a non-social existence. I figure man is a social creature, elevating that slightly, to the religious level I figure we each need three fetishes -Friend-, -Ally-, and -Lover-.

I have none of these though I have seen a time, when I was married, that it seemed to be expected that all these roles would be filled by one person, my spouse, but the role of friend and ally can't be filled by the same person. A friend is honest with you even when it hurts, but an ally is blindly supportive, and that is conflicting.  


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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

hi i now where you are comming from, im the same. its a total bastard! your not alone