At 12 I started to notice a mood and personality change and have chalked up my sadness, mood swings, lack of interest, and inconsistent insomnia to near comatose states to being a pre-teen/teenager. Finally, at the age of 18 I decided to see a psychologist and was immediately diagnosed with major depressive disorder within an hour. I was prescribed Klonopins and Celexa to combat the insomnia and depression. After the first week of taking the celexa I was so nauseous I couldn't move and spent a lot of time over the toilet. The second week I was so fatigued I couldn't get out of bed. The third week I went manic and by the end of the week my mood swings had led me to slit my wrist and end up in the psych ward. During my intake in the ER they ran blood panels that revealed that my thyroid was hyper. After 2 more full blood panels over the period of 2 months they confirmed my hyperthyroidism.
With depression and hyperthyroidism having such similar symptoms no one is quite sure if all of my emotional anguish is accredited to the hyperthyroidism or depression.
However, I understand the conflict of having a mental disorder in addition to an auto-immune disease... And it's hell. Both are such emotionally and physically draining diseases and its more than hard to fight both.

I just turned 19 and since I was diagnosed with both only a few months ago I've been at my wits end trying to find something or someone to ease my struggling.
I'm nauseous constantly which has aided the hyperthyroidism in making me a sickly looking stick and I wish I could go back to eating 10 slices of pizza or 3 pints of ice cream in one sitting.
I'm so scared of the thyroid treatments and I'm tired of (without being reasonably provoked) crying all the time. I feel so helpless and even though I have support it's not the same as having someone who understands actually living with these diseases and it's incredibly frustrating.
How does one happily live with this?
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God Bless you honey I pray for you ,,, Kisses I am always around if you ever want to chat ,, :)

maybe you need a hug from me ... I love you honey kisses

bobbyckat please come by and lets talk I will make you feel good and you can forget about life for one night ... kisses I care

My love life is not a problem. I have the most amazing man in my life. I have best friends. I'm not physically lonely. I would simply love to have someone who struggles with similar issues to talk to. It's a bit isolating (and it's not like it's by any means their fault) to explain what these things feel like to loved ones who don't quite get it.

~ hugs ~


I had that (the over active thyroid). There is a pill ( can not remember the name) that they can give you to correct the thyroid. Just have to monitor it to make sure it does not over correct it. As for the depression, I am still trying to figure that out

They say it has a high risk of causing liver problems and that they can only give it to you for a year because of that. And even after that there's no guarantee that it won't return and its pretty likely that it will... Hence the being afraid part. /:
I think it's even more bothersome that I can't figure out if it is depression and to treat it as such or to curse my auto-immune system every time I cry.
And it makes a difference... I mean should I be gritting my teeth and swallowing (prescribed) anti-depressants or face facts that I'm going to have to seriously consider more body altering treatments?

I would not get all stressed about what "may happen" Those are fears to make sure the doctor can keep making money. After all if you "cure" the patient, you can not make money. I bet as your thyroid starts to come back under control, you will be stressing less and that will help you be less depressed :D