I have been hiding my feeling for a friend for almost 4years.....
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Think about it this way: it's worth getting rejected rather than not knowing she didn't say yes

Very true. Permanent pain or short-term pain. I see thanks!


Back then, i was too immature to realise that i am actually in love with her. Now i graduated from the school and i can't help myself to stop thinking about her.

and is it not possible now to try? there is nothing to earn, if you keep hiding it, you have to find out, if there is a chance or not, hiding and waiting is just fooling yourself and I believe now you are mature enough not to make such thinks to yourself :) if you will try, good luck

*or nothing to get, not earn - if so, sorry, haven't used english in a while

Thats right!! Thank you!!! Really!

if it helps then it's my pleasure and you're welcome :) good luck once again

Np 👍

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