when loneliness comes, I always 'fight'it with trying to keep me busy with work, or excercies or just anything that can keep my attention somewhere else, but it's exhausting and not always working 100%... are there better ways?
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I have just discovered this loneliness bug. I moved from college and back to my parents home. I thought I would have more friends here since I have been here a great deal. But it turned out the opposite all my people from high school are either with children, have a man, or we just don't have anything in common to be friends.

SO I found myself alone and feeling lonely more often than not. The gym helps, watching TV does too, but it's nothing worse than that empty feeling of after hours of doing these activities you have not one missed call or text. It's pretty lonesome. I think this actually helps to have some kind of human interaction and to know you're not alone out there.

you are completely right

I am so lonely that when i am in crowed ,i am still alone , i love being with people but still ended up by my self

that is, I believe, the difference between alone and lonely... you can't be alone if there is even one person around (physically) but can be lonely in crowd of millions of people... it's very bad feeling, that's why I try to fight it

Its not funny i may not be a good friend , but it seems i allways have to travel too them , or i call them or text during the week an ask if they have plans for weekend i am thinking about coming over , but it seems i never hear from them , i always call before i go, this way i want to get an there not there or something

sorry, I didn't try to be funny, that difference is just a fact. And yes, cats are great, so are dogs :)

i got married 24 years to be a lone, i work 12 hours alone an come home to a empty house lol thank god i have cats

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